The coveted “It” bag

I don’t know about you, but I was counting down the days (ok, the minutes!) for the May release of the Sex and the City movie.  After seeing it, I knew that was going to become a huge hit.  The site has been out for quite a few years now, but only recently gained notoriety thanks to Louise.

My freshman year in college I had a membership with the site.  Back then, you had to pick a monthly membership and pay that fee (I was a princess, so I could have access to all the Coach bags) and then pay for the bag on top of it.  It became a bit pricey, especially on a work study budget, so I promptly quit.  I hadn’t even thought about it, until after the movie.

When I re-visited the site, I was glad to see they had done away with the memberships.  The site does still offer memberships, but you can rent a bag, jewelry, or sunglases with out a membership.  You can also choose how long you would like to rent a piece.

All though the rental fees still may be a bit pricey for us on a budget, it would be nice to have a new Chanel necklace to match your Louis bag for a big night out.

Thanks Ash ❤


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Review Junkie

I’ll admit it, before I make any kind of purchase (maybe not for a pack of gum), but for a lot of purchases I read reviews first.  I think it’s smart to do that, I mean you don’t want to purchase something and than not like it. 

There are a plethora of on-line resources to read product reviews.  One of the most popular is of course amazon.  I read reviews on amazon for every electronic, book, dvd, etc.  Most of the time, I do end up actually purchasing the item from amazon, but if I see a sale in a different store, I usually just visit amazon for the reviews.

For beauty related products, I trust Makeup Alley and Total Beauty.  Their review boards are quite extensive and cover products from drugstore brands to the highest end.  The reviews cover everything from hair appliances, to make up to skin care.

There are many other popular review sites:

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I’ll Swap You

Swaps seem to be making a big come back!  There are now a slew of websites where you can swap online and if you check out, you can possibly find a swap meet in your area. 

   The most popular items being swapped online are books, dvds, cds and video games.  My personal favorite site is Titletrader.  You list any items that you have available for swap.  Someone then requests the item and the website gives you a shipping label to print out.  You dohave to pay for shipping, however when you request an item it’s like getting that money back.  Once you ship the item, you confirm it on the website.  When the person receives the item, and leaves feedback, you are then given “swap points”.  You can then use these points to shop around the site.  Most books are 1 point, dvds 2-4, cds 1-2 and I haven’t looked at video games yet.

   Another popular swap idea is “Girlfriend” swaps.  How many times have you cleaned out your closet and thought “Ughh, this doesn’t fit anymore! or “Why the hell did I buy this?”.  Don’t just throw it away or give it to good-will, have your girlfriends go through their stuff and make a pile of the things they would like to get rid of.  Now invite all of your girlfriends over, pop open a bottle of wine and enhance your wardrobe.  Chances are you will come away with a few good items, and if there’s any left overs just donate them.

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Culture for Free

What happened to do the days when browsing a museum or visiting your local zoo were affordable?  Rates continue to go up to these normally affordable cultural ventures.  Now, thanks to Bank of America some of you gals can visit local zoos and museums for free (there’s that beautiful word again).  If you have a Bank of America credit card or bank account (with debit card) you’re eligible to visit certain museums and zoos for free during the first weekend of every month.  Check to see if the museum you want is on the list.

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Staycation or a Regional Getaway

All though gas prices are starting to fall (a teensy bit) traveling is still really expensive! We just have to face it, a dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to.  As summer winds down and we scrounge to make last minute vacation plans, we all realize that we just can’t afford much.  That’s where the staycation or regional vacations come into play.  Chances are, with in a couple hour drive of wherever you live there are some pretty awesome places to visit.  Do you have a lake close to you, a casino even a day spa? Or how about a great city to check out? There are probably tons of things for you to do in your area, that don’t require a flight or five tanks of gas.

 I live in the North East and I know there are tons of things to do with in my area.  If you don’t want to travel at all or lay down the big bucks for a hotel, than a staycation is right for you.  How many times have you passed a local attraction and never went in? Or how many times did you say “I’m going to do that” and never actually did it?  Well, a staycation provides just the opportunity to do that.  As a girl born and raised in New York I was embarrassed to say that I had never visited the top of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and many other “tourist” attractions.  I guess I just take them for granted as I see them all the time.  Well I am now proud to say that I have seen the city from the top of the Empire State Building and looked up in awe at the Statue of Liberty.  What? I needed a staycation.

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Every Day Minerals

So to us babes on a budget, there is no sweeter sounding word than the word: FREE!  It’s a word we don’t get to use that often, and that’s a shame, because it’s a lovely word.  Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  Every Day Minerals ( offers a FREE sample set.  All you have to do is pay for shipping ($3.98).  The free sample set includes: 3 foundations, one blush and one concealer.  You will find that a lot of online mineral companies offer samples, but this is the only free set I have found.  As mineral make up becomes more and more popular, more and more shades are becoming available.  This is a great way to check out a sampling of shades before ordering the real size thing.  Finding a suitable foundation and conceal color is difficult, this is just a way of making it a lot easier.

Just a warning, the sample sizes are teensy-tiny, but they are soo cute!  Don’t let the size fool you, because you get a big bang for your buck with these mineral products.  To get to the sample set visit the website and click makeup and then custom kits.

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Travel Zoo

When was the last time you visited the zoo?  I’m sure it’s been a while.   Now there is a totally new kind of zoo, Travel Zoo.  Travel Zoo is a weekly email with the top 20 travel deals on the web.  This weeks deals included an all-inclusive vacation in Cancun for $449 or a 1-bedroom suite in Waikiki for $105.  Whether you are looking for cruises, an all-inclusive vacation, flights or just tickets to a show, Travel Zoo is an amazing resource for us on a budget.

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